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Also known as the surfing capital, Ubatuba has tourism as a major source of income. With more than 80 beaches, waterfalls, ruins of old farmhouses, old buildings in the center of Town, historical tradition and popular culture, protected by the Guarani Indians and quilombolas, caiçaras; this destination offers options for eco-tourism, cultural and adventure.


Between the beaches of Ubatuba, the Chalés Céu e Mar is located in Lagoinha Beach, which is situated between Ubatuba and Caraguatatuba downtown. The name Lagoinha is translated the calm waters, an ideal beach for windsurfing, jet skiing, banana boats, schooners to besides the singular experience of this beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Attractions of Lagoinha

Some of its attractions are the ecological reserve of crabs, the ruins of the first glass factory of Brazil, in addition to the trail arrives at the bride's Véu da Noiva waterfall.

In the left of the beach begins to the Trail of 7 Beaches that pass by the beaches of Perez, Oeste, Bonete, Grande do Bonete, Deserta, Fortaleza and Cedro Sul. This is a great option to practice ecotourism for all ages. The Lagoinha is still nearby Sapê Beach, famous for surfing, Maranduba with a large leisure structure and Dura Beach, known for luxurious mansions.

Tourism in Ubatuba:

Aquatic strolls

Stroll of Escuna in the Anchieta Island
Stroll of Escuna for the beach of Seven Sources Diving


Picinguaba nucleus
Aquarium of Ubatuba
Comment of the Birds of Ubatuba
Marries of Flour
Tamar project
Track of the Brave one of the Almada
Tracks of Ubatuba
Renata’s Waterfall
Parks and Reserves

Cultural tourism and Religious

Night in the Center of Ubatuba
Our Lady of the Favours

Tourism in Caraguatatuba:


Ecotourism High of the Guaxinduba
Giant tree
Hípica Tabatinga
Island of the Tamanduá
Blue lagoon
State park of the Mountain range of the Sea
Rock of the Nun
Rock of the Alligator
River Juqueriquerê
Waterfall Wood of Garlic
Waterfall River Clearly
Waterfall River of the Rocks
Mirante Saint Antonio/Mount of the Old Device
Mount of the Cruise
Farm of the Mussel

Tourism Cultural e Religious

Cultural tourism and Religious
Clock of the Sun
Santa Cruz chapel
Chapel Saint Batista
First church of Saint Antonio
Parish of Saint John Baptist
Fair of Artesanato
Night in the Center of Caraguatatuba

Tips Stars

- Flight of Wing Delta in the Mount of Saint Antonio

- Surfing lessons in the Beach of the Sapê

- Diving lessons

- Stroll of Escuna for the Anchieta Island

- Restaurant and Pizzaria Mar Virado, located at 150 meters from us.

Loor our video The Hostel Structure:

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